Tuesday, May 9, 2017

                             Does Spring Exist in Wyoming????

We've all done it - thought that Winter was over only to be blatantly reminded, once again, it's entirely too early for such nonsense around here.

We catch glimpses of Spring during the waning days of Winter and find ourselves saying, "Oh yay!  Winter is finally over!"  We eagerly flock outdoors to bask in the warm sunshine feeling the long-absent heat on our skin.  Birds begin chirping and busily flitting about.  Buds are bursting, green is sprouting and Spring - by allintents and purposes - has sprung.

We change gears and head outside to take advantage of the glorious change in weather, relishing in the sun's rays and the promise of a new season.

And just when you think Spring has arrived - BOOM!  Winter fights back - with a vengeance - reminding us of what Spring is REALLY like in Wyoming.  

Suddenly that warm sunshine you felt on your bare skin yesterday is but a glorious memory reserved for yet another time.

Wet, cold storms roll in.  Temperatures drop and snow flurries fall.  Doors and windows shut and the heat goes back on.  Roads close.  Hats and gloves reappear.  Moisture falls from the sky in huge, glorious white flakes or torrential downpours interspersed with little pelting ice balls, for your weather entertainment.

PSYCHE!!!  No Spring for you Wyoming!  Not yet at least.

Old man Winter isn't finished.  He threatens every so often to hibernate for a few months, then rears his blustery head again, back and forth like that until finally he is weakened by the power of renewed life, pushed aside by Mother Nature to await his next reign.  Spring has won.

By then though, it's usually Summer.

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