Monday, July 24, 2017

Yep...Rene is back with some timely, money-saving tips as you travel through our great state.

Heed your speed.

Don't be fooled by the wide open spaces around here.  It's easy to settle into your cruising groove, the pedal pushes down a little closer to the metal while your speedometer inches upward.  Then, right out of nowhere a little town pops up - accompanied by a rapid drop in the speed limit - and if you're not paying attention you will get pegged.

You may not see a soul in places like Powder River or Moneta, but when they say slow down, you probably oughta because hiding behind that huge sagebrush could be your new favorite law enforcement officer checking in on your ability to adapt quickly to small towns and their adjusted speed limits.

They reward those who are adept.

Plenty of small, Wyoming towns have what I refer to as "speed traps".  They deny this is what they are but, when they notoriously lurk at the outskirts of town on a road with no one on it between two signs placed (maybe) 100 yards apart - one reads 35 mph and the other 70 mph - and suddenly you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror - feels a lot like a speed trap.

Granted, I've been around long enough, and gotten enough speeding tickets in our sweet little po-dunk Wyoming towns, that I've learned it's not worth it to speed through places like Byron or Frannie.  You WILL get a ticket and frankly, I prefer to keep my cash.

One time I truly thought I had a legitimate argument for a particular circumstance (AKA:  excuse to speed).  I went through ALL the trouble of appearing, not only once, but twice in the little makeshift courtroom, attempting to defend myself only to learn I'm a lousy lawyer and ended up having to pay the ticket in full.

With age comes wisdom though - life is fast enough.  No need to excessively speed through it...and risk a costly ticket.  Might as well take your time and enjoy the scenery.  After all, it's beautiful country and you'll get there - eventually.