Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rene Huge

The fitness fanatic is well-taken care of in our lovely little town.

Whether you walk out your door and take advantage of the trails in Canal Park, Beck Lake or the Paul Stock area, or if you prefer the confines of indoor fitness facilities, opportunities abound.

This town is riddled with gyms AND trails!  Not only do we have an amazing Rec Center complete with swimming pool - there are other options as well.  If CrossFit is your thing there's Cody CrossFit.  If you've been down that road and determined it wasn't the best fit you've got an offshoot at Heart Mountain Fitness which offers a slightly different approach to similar methods.

Maybe ice skating is your thing.  We've got that too!

If you need access 24 hours a day Cody has an Anytime Fitness for you workout junkies.  Forget sleeping...let's work out!

And now, after many years without a gymnastics program - it's back!  And they've got a Fitness Center below there as well.  We have a Cardio Box, Tae Kwon Do dojos, Yoga out the wazoo and Pilates too!  There is no excuse for not exercising to your heart's content and being in good shape for your next adventure.

Me, I tend to flock to the outdoors.  The Beck Lake Bike Park and the Outlaw Trails are at the top of my personal fitness list.  Whether you're hiking or biking, both offer an amazing network of trails to fit your needs.  The ever-expanding Bike Park offers something for everyone with a professionally designed system of purpose - built mountain bike trails.  They cater to beginner riders up through advanced.  Need to catch some air?  You will.

Yep!  You too can be a hard body in Cody, no doubt about it.  We've got it all.  Never mind the surrounding mountains and national park...I mean, unless you like that kind of stuff... :-)

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